Mots-clés: la chirurgie osseuse, micro instrument, césarienne, chirurgie des yeux, chirurgien, pince bipolaire aha, l'insuline portable, gingivale cautérisation de la chirurgie, la chirurgie plastique, lemai.

€38.72 €40.33
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  • w1128

  • Numéro De Modèle: 052
  • Type D'Élément: Paupière Outils
  • Type: Paupière De L'Outil
  • Matériel: Boîtier en métal

Damaged equipment did not serve. No instruction manual.
Lez Ardy Soad
Came without the heat generating piece, I talked to the seller and he just gave me the solution to open dispute, of $63 Aliexpress gave me the $12 refund and I didn't even have the right to claim, they gave the seller the favor when he did not take responsibility for the missing piece, A huge loss of money I kept a device that doesn't work, lousy experience with the seller and the product doesn't work without the missing piece don't buy doesn't give bad solutions purchase

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