Mots-clés: les cheveux humains perruque, perruque, les hommes perruque, perruque homme, gris perruque de cheveux, blanc perruque, blanc dentelle frontale perruque raie, pérou perruque rose, cosplay perruque, plaquettes de cosplay perruque.

€10.13 €27.39
  • Disponible
  • w109

  • Peut Être Permanentés: Oui
  • Matériau De Base: Dentelle Suisse
  • Feature2: droite courte perruque courte perruque frisée pixie cut perruque
  • Densité: 120%
  • Taille De Chapeau: Taille Moyenne
  • Feature1: Perruque noire Blanc PERRUQUE Jaune Perruque Courte Perruque
  • Matériel De Qualité: La Température Élevée De Fibres
  • Le Nom De La Marque: ailiade
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Articles par Paquet: 1 Seule Pièce
  • Perruques Longueur: Court
  • La Texture: Bouclés

The order has not arrived and I am not answered to the claim, I spent money for nothing
Datuna 19
I didn’t like the texture and it doesn’t look like as in the pictures of the product... but of course it’s just a wig for cosplay and pictures...
Gustavo 90
So the picture shows the wig as being black and white (and another reviewer showed their wig as being that colour as well), however before I even opened the bag I could tell that the wig I received was black and brown instead? The cut and texture are nice, but it’s definitely the wrong colour. I’ll keep it anyway, but just a head’s up.

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